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SmartStor + Transaction Trace utilization supportability metrics versus df -H command

Question asked by bezad01 Employee on Mar 13, 2015

hi all,


our SmartStor and TT DBs are on dedicated file systems meaning I can easily get utilization of these file systems by unix command df -H. See screenshot from our EM collector: I was looking at support ability metrics EM collector does provide and I am little confused here. Questions:


1. based on (mb) suffix in metrics' names it seems these sup portability metrics are in megabytes. but based on comparison of data provided by metrics vs df -H output it seems metrics are in kilobytes instead (e.g. df shows 21 G available in trace directory,but trace volume free (mb) shows 21 ,843,554 mb which is  approx 21 843 G if I haven't done any fatal calculation mistake).

2. what is difference between SmartStor Data & Archive Volume?

3. if i look at transaction disk usage & Smartstor disk usage metrics values here are very small and totally uncorrelated to what df shows in Used column, see additional screenshots (tt usage 2.2G ss usage 62G where us df command shows 12 & 207 G). can u advise why is the difference so big? it seems sup portability metrics are showing something completely different from file system utilization shown by df command



thanks for any feedback.