Steps to configure URL_Response probe for monitoring HTTP Header,URL State and URL load time

Discussion created by Dhananjaya on Aug 19, 2012
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Hello Team,

I have a request to monitor URL like URL state , Time limit to load the page and HTTP Header of the URL's.

As per our findings , we can accomplish this request by URL_response probe.

Steps to perform

a. We will configure a profile in URL_response probe.
b. we will create a message (both custom and default).
    Default message : If URL is OK
    Custom : For all the request by mentioning Subsystem ID and for the HTTP Header by using the error code.
c. We will trigger only those alerts from the probe for a particular URL by creating a rule in NAS.

Problem to configure the above steps are,
1. Since we are configuring URL response monitoring on remote server, Other profiles also will be there and those URL's requires some other type of alerts.
2. If we creat a rule in NAS for a remote server by mentioning subsystem ID then are the remaining profiles alerts stops from a rule?
3. Error code message will trigger alerts for many return codes but we need alerts for only which related Header like 12150 and 12155.
4. How can i create a rule which triggers alerts of a URL when the message of alert has return code 12150 and 12155,when the  same URL breaches the threshold to load the page and also the same URL not able to load.
 And also the created rule should not restrict the other profiles (URL's) messages to trigger the alert.

So requesting you to provide the steps to configure URL_response probe to meet the client request.



Dhananjaya (DJ)