Application Synthetic Monitoring through e2e_appmon probe

Discussion created by Dhananjaya on Aug 31, 2012
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Hello Team,

We are trying to configure Synthetic monitoring for a application which we installed in a system.

Steps fallowed while recording the application through e2e_appmon probe,

1. In the Starting Recording mode window,
we selected "An Application ".
2. In the Launching a program window
We selected the application by browsing the path of where it's installed in the Program Tab.
Left blank the tabs "Parameters" and "Working floder"
3. We recorded the below transaction of application,
a. Launch the application
b. Entering the Username and password to login the application.
c. Check the User name after logged into application by using OCR.
d. Finally logout the application.

4. The issue we are facing is,
When we see the script of recorded transaction , the password entry is not recored .
Please see the attached script for more referrence , let us know how we need to record the application which has username and password and which option we need to select to pass the username and password to login.


Dhananjaya (DJ)