Need to send only selected alerts to netccol_Printers Probe

Discussion created by Dhananjaya on Jul 24, 2012
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Hi Team,


I am working on Printer monitoring request and i set the threshold of Queue Length, Job age, set the threshold of corresponding messages for these two functions.


But for the Printer status functions, since it's threshold is Status of Printer, i enabled the Status tab to monitor in each printer which are reflecting in Printers probe.

So for the Printer Status functions, i can see multiple messages like Printers not available, printers Offline, Printer Status error, Printer Paper Jab , Printer not found etc.

but if i need only printer Offline and Printer not available messages then what are the things i need to do, below are the few steps which i performed to resolve this issue,


1. Changed the Severity of the required alert to Major, so that Opeartion team will open a ticket and remaining unwanted messages changed the severity to Information ( willl not open ticket).

Issue : Since all the alerts ( including information and clear )send to Netcool,  performance of the netcool will decrease.

2. Open a rule in NAS, so that it triggers only major and clear alerts Issue :  need to create a separate rule for each request 3. Opened Raw configure of the Printers probe and added a new key called Alarm_level in Set_up tab and assigned Major as severity to it.

So that , it will trigger only Major and clear alert.

Issue : But in this case, since it's sends only those alerts which the severity is greater than or equal to Major, we can't send the Clear alerts.


So need clarification on third trouble shooting technique,

a) Can we assign multiple severities to Alarm_level key, so that it will send only defined severity level alerts.

b) Is there any other key, to do this function like it should send only Clear and major alerts


Waiting for your earliest response.




Dhananjaya (DJ)