Need help to create a regular expression which matches the line

Discussion created by Dhananjaya on Aug 3, 2012
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Hello Team,


As i mentioned above in the Subject, i need to create a Regular Expression which searches line by line in a log file for particular mentioned words in that line.





Nimsoft supports Active Directory monitoring

Nimsoft suppports Cluster monitoring

Nimsoft not supports Mainframe server monitoring as of now



Suppose on the above three lines, if i want to search a line which has Active Directory and Cluster then what regular expression.


1. It should search line by line (may be we need to use \1 or \n)

2. It should search the multiple word in a single line (may be we need to use \b , | (pipe) and Single or double Quote) 

3. It should search whole line (may be we need to use ^.*(REGEXP).*$ or /*.(REGEXP)*./)




Requesting you to assist me because , i have a request regarding notes_server probe for Lotus monitoring , in that we need to check the specific alerts related to Router. because in log we can see multiple log which are coming from router but client needs only the some specific alerts related to router like Shut down and not available alerts for router.


requesting your eraliest response




Dhananjaya (DJ)