Utility to generate probe configuration files

Discussion created by remko.dobber on Jun 17, 2011

This utility will generate any cfg file based on two input files: a comma-delimited input file and a template.


I have included a sample template for url_response, as well as a sample input file (infile.txt).


Just unzip the attached file in a directory of your choice, and run the GenerateConfig.cmd command. It does require Java jre1.6 or later to be in your search path.




GenerateConfig infile <outfile> <template>


infile:   comma-separated inputfile

outfile:  output cfg file, default url_response.cfg

template: cfg template, default url_response_template.cfg


The template holds variables in the format %%1%% for the first field in the input file, %%2%% for the second, etc.


If the output file already exists, new profiles will be merged into the existing file.