Showing Status of Cases in SalesForce

Discussion created by on Mar 6, 2009

I wrote a JavaScript for the GreaseMonkey plugin for Firefox that alters the display of cases on to include the contact and status details. So now when you visit your list of support cases with Nimsoft, you can see more details in the initial view. The script makes one other change -- if you click on a case, it will open in a new window or tab. This is intentional as the script is fairly heavyweight in resource usage to get the view with status and contact.

You can find this script here:

It may work with any Salesforce site (Nimsoft is using Salesforce for the case management) but I have only tried it with the Nimsoft one. I've attached the script too but it is easier to install off of

To install:
1) Run firefox
2) Install Greasemonkey extension:
3) Restart Firefox (key step else #4 won't work)
4) Go to the link above and click the "Install" button
5) Visit your case list at

I've attached the script too.