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qos_views - Using external report generators, export data

Question asked by remkodobber on Oct 18, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2012 by cdicentes

qos_views - Using external report generators

Using external report generators against the NimbusSLM QoS database has always been difficult because of the Nimbus data model - variable table names need to be looked up etc.

The qos_views perl script makes this much easier. For each qos type, it
creates a view containing all the data as well as the source and target
name. To find CPU usage data for apollo, for example, you can now use
this query:


And you don't have to bother with RN_TABLE_NNNN tables anymore!

To run the script, you need to define an ODBC DSN to the NimbusSLM
database, and edit the $DSN connection string inside the script to
provide the credentials for the database user. Note: this is not a probe - just unzip the perl script.