NAS script to sync distsrv

Discussion created by keith_k on Nov 3, 2009
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The distsrv can be configured to forward packages to another distsrv, but it lacks a true replication feature to stay  in sync even when packages are deleted.  We use two distsrv probes, and they have a primary-secondary relationship.  We always make changes in the primary distsrv, but we want users to be able to use either for distributing packages.  Over time, the forwarding feature in the distsrv has improved greatly.  Older versions would only forward the latest version of a package, but distsrv 4.80 provides an option to address that.  Now the only thing it does not do (of the things I want) is delete packages automatically.

Fortunately, deleting packages can be done with a callback to the distsrv.  I created a NAS script, which I am attaching to this post, and it looks at the archive list for both the primary and secondary distsrv.  It assumes that any packages that are missing from the primary but present on the secondary should be removed.  If you use it, make sure to put in the Nimsoft addresses to your distsrv probes at the top.

Enjoy!  Let me know if you have any feedback or improvements.