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PDS - return name with spaces

Question asked by DCAlmeida on Aug 29, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2014 by DCAlmeida

Hi there.


I am getting an error or a problem using a pds on ntservices probe.


This is a portion of my code, I think this could be enough to troubleshooting and understand the problem.


args = pds.create()

cfg,rc = nimbus.request(robotaddr.."/ntservices", "list_profilestatus", args)

if rc == 0 then

   for id,tab in pairs(cfg) do

     for key,value in pairs(tab) do


            print(value.expected state) -- I am getting the error on this line





So, the name of the key is "expected state", contains spaces and I cannot retrieve data. The or value.state works fine.

How can I handle this?


Thanks in advance.