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Timeout problems with a basic probe

Question asked by 1_espenfjo on Jan 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2014 by 1_espenfjo


I am trying to create a simple, little probe but im facing some issues.


I have taken the C example from the code wizard and modified it to fit my needs, I am however facing this:

"Jan 17 09:13:29:169 [140450746287872] Controller: Probe foobar not finished at next start time, restarting probe..."


I have understood that this is the _status message from the controller not being answered correctly, but I cant see what im doring wrong.


Should I in the main loop of the probe do a sleep(interval-runTime); or should I do "if ((last +interval) <= now)" or should I handle the _status message explicit somewhere? I cant find any references to it on the code from the code wizard.