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How to create business-wide service level indicator (based on several single sla-calculations)

Question asked by a.pietersen on Feb 16, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2013 by a.pietersen

I like to ask some questions about writing a calculated value (an average of some SLA-values) to the NimsoftSLM database and re-use them in one the graphs or as a new consolidated SLA value. May be this pictures helps you to understand better what I try to achieve:

sla-berg.PNG  From single SLA to a consolidated SLA:piramide-6.png



Why we want this:

Suppose you have several sla's (email, telephony, applications, network, websites etc..) As a customers / business I like to have an overall Business_Impact of all services, beside the single sla of a specific service . Yes, we are aware of the fact that you can aggregate all these in one big sla calculation. But that can become rather complex and might be extra vunerable for errors.  


It would be nice if we could create overall-sla calculations based on calculate sla's instead of only QoS.  - Maybe this means a minor adjusting of the standard SLA feature (meaning: not only QoS but also SLA and SQL query input)


What we do now:

The calculated value (average of several sla's) looks like this:

SELECT AVG(percentage) AS BusinessImpact FROM D_SLA_COMPLIANCE where sla_id=37 OR sla_id=29 OR sla_id=28 OR sla_id=27 OR sla_id=31 OR sla_id=30 OR sla_id=36


And we use this avg_value in some of our custom dashboards and that works fine. But this value is not stored anywhere for trending or reporting etc...






1) is there an easy way to bring SQL-querry (or sla_values direct) under the standard SLA calculation feature?

2) If not: is there an easy way to store this calculated value in the NimsoftSLM database (MSSQL)  and make it available for trending and reporting ?


Maybe there is already away to do this but I did not find it yet. All suggestions are welcome. 




Ashley Pietersen