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Custom Perl probe ports shows as ZERO in IM console

Question asked by RHaigh on Jan 17, 2013
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Created a simple probe to run netstat to monitor for ports in time_wait state which works ok no problem, the issue here is the probe runs a a daemon with the session code as below, from the screen shot it clearly shows the port assigned TCP3500 yet in IM console it shows zero and this prevents any callbacks from working, the net_connect probe example shows the correct port? It appears to be an IM console problem. Using NMS5.61 and SDK5.04 and Perl 5.14.2


#Set the port and timeout / restart subroutines
if ($sess->server (NIMPORT_ANY,\&timeout,\&restart)==0)  {
    $sess->addCallback ("setLogLevel", "level%d");
    $sess->addCallback ("lastResult");
else {
    nimlog (0, "Probe failed to start");
    nimAlarm (5, "Probe failed to start");
    exit 1;