Controlling when to send clears with custom probes

Discussion created by Jarrod on Oct 3, 2012
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I am developing a custom probe to check a db and do some logic per row and create an alarm if the criteria is met. I understand how to check the db, create an alarm, send QOS. What I am unclear on is how the Clearing process works. I know i can send a clear and include the suppression string info and it will clear it but how do I keep up with what has an alarm currently opened to know if I need to send a clear. If im looping thousand's + rows and checking if row is now > 0 then alarm it seems if that row is 0 and i send a clear on every interval the probe runs the check that would be alot of non needed clear messages flooding the NIM-BUS. How do you guys in know if there is an alarm currently active to know if a clear needs to be sent? My language using is VBScript.