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Using Nimsoft  Java API to (remotely) alter jvm_probe configuration

Question asked by PostBelgium on Mar 3, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2013 by bmorse

I'm pretty new to Nimsoft, so I'm hoping this is a basic question, altough I couldn't find an answer in the documentation.



I would like to alter the jvm_probe configuration.


One option seems to be:


use pu.exe / .sh to stop the probe  / verify that it stopped

alter the configuration with some script, which is always risky.

use pu.exe / .sh to start the probe / verify that it started


Another option, the one I would prefer is,  do all this using the Java API.


I see there is a NimConfig object that you can manipulate, but fail to see how I could obtain the NimConfig of an existing and running  probe.


Is this possible, is there documentation available for it, and or examples ?


thx !