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Connecting to a session with the .net API

Question asked by 1_jstockton on Dec 20, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2011 by 1_jstockton

Im tring to connect to a session using the .NET API and am not having any luck.  The .NET SDK documentation has a very simple sample that walks through creating a session object and logging in.  


I am developing this in from my local PC which has a robot installed and is communicating with our hub (we only have one) and when I create the session object, the properties of the session are blank.  I then try to do a login and fails with an invalid user message which I'm guessing is because the session hasn't been established.  I have also tried to skip the login and just do the connect and that fails as well.  The sample in the help document is written in C#, so here is the code in


  Dim ses As New NimbusSession("", NimbusPort.Controller)

  ses.Login("administrator", "xxxx", True)



I have tried every single option that I can think of when trying to connect to the session.  I have used our primary hub IP, server name, set the port manually and nothing seems to work.  Are there steps that need to be done before trying to connect that I am missing or any ideas on what I can try?