VB QOS API clarification

Discussion created by 1_jstockton on Oct 13, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2011 by geir.haugom

The SDK documentation for the COM API's method SendQOS is:


Void SendDefinition(String bsQoS, String bsGroup, String bsDescription, String bsUnit, String bsUnitShort, Long bHasMax, Long bIsBool)


Can someone clarify what the first and second parameters do?  How are they used in relation to the QOS data is created?  The CodeWizard creates a call to this method, but supplies the same value for both parameters.


When looking at the properties of a QOS group through SLM, there is a property of Object Type and seems to always be set to interval, but the drop list is disabled so it cannot be changed.  Does this need to be changed based on the data type that is being sent to the QOS?  If I want to collect a count of something, should it be changed to count or something?