calling distsrv commands with probe utility

Discussion created by bmorse on Aug 10, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2011 by geir.haugom

I am trying to list the packages in the archive under the distsrv probe using the probe utility (pu).


There is an argument to the pkg_list command labeled 'directory' which I assume to be the directory where the archive's files are kept.  I am getting an error 4 (not found) response no matter what path I try to pass as the argument to the command.


Does anyone know what the proper path I should be passing as the argument to the pkg_list command is?



 ./pu -u <uesr> -p <passwd> /DOMAIN/HUB/ROBOT/distsrv  pkg_list "c:\\Program Files (x86)\\Nimsoft\\archive"    ./pu -u <uesr> -p <passwd> /DOMAIN/HUB/ROBOT/distsrv  pkg_list "archive"   ./pu -u <uesr> -p <passwd> /DOMAIN/HUB/ROBOT/distsrv  pkg_list "../../../archive" 


The response is always the same:

====================================================== Address: /NMSSTAGE/DGNPRIHUB/tw00infmgt001/distsrv Request: pkg_list ====================================================== pkg_list failed: not found


Here is what is in the distsrv logs:

Aug  9 12:09:01:403 [3428] distsrv: pkg_list from  Aug  9 12:09:01:403 [3428] distsrv:    directory = c:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\archive Aug  9 12:09:01:403 [3428] distsrv: sockWrite: first 20 bytes of buf = <nimbus/1.0 37 0   Aug  9 12:09:01:403 distsrv:> (54):  Aug  9 12:09:01:403 [3428] distsrv: SREPLY: status = 4(not found) ->  Aug  9 12:09:01:403 [3428] distsrv:  head   mtype=200 status=4 seq=0  Aug  9 12:09:01:407 distsrv:<- (331):  Aug  9 12:09:01:407 [3428] distsrv: RREQUEST: _close <-  h=313 d=0  Aug  9 12:09:01:407 [3428] distsrv:  head   mtype=100 cmd=_close seq=1 ts=1312913350 frm=  Aug  9 12:09:01:407 [3428] distsrv:  head   tout=180 addr=/NMSSTAGE/DGNPRIHUB/tw00infmgt001/distsrv sid=sywcnTicOzFF9meGB1Os0wADMTMxMjkxNjk0MQFER05EUEwwMDEBMAExMC4xNTYu  Aug  9 12:09:01:407 [3428] distsrv: CLOSE: 0000000000B4AC10