Subscribe to dap call back query_db_proc

Discussion created by idcdeveloper on Jul 1, 2011

Is there a way I can subscribe to query_db_proc request. Anytime we make a call to this call back (query_db_proc) from our custom probe code (please note code below) we receive the first response which is status=No Response Yet and we need to make an additional call in order to receive the data. What is the best practices or approach to handle this asynchronous communication and how do you force expire the query_db_proc request when you are done receiving the data so you can make another new request.


Thank you very much in advance.


Also I am attaching a screen shot taken from the dap probe.

PDS pdsRequest = new PDS();  pdsRequest.put("dbname", "nis"); pdsRequest.put("procname", "P_GET_QOS_DATA"); pdsRequest.put("args", "@QosName='our_qos_name', @Source='mysrcsummary008', @target='some_target', @PeriodStart='2011-01-27 13:33:00', @PeriodEnd='2011-06-30 13:33:00'"); pdsRequest.put("maxrows", "10");  NimRequest request = new NimRequest("controller","gethub"); PDS pdsout = request.send();  String hubaddress = "/" + pdsout.getString("hubdomain") + "/" + pdsout.getString("hubname") + "/" + pdsout.getString("hubrobotname");  String hubHost = "/" + pdsout.getString("hubdomain") + "/" + pdsout.getString("hubname");  logger.log(NimLog.DEBUG, "hubaddress: " + hubaddress + "/dap");  request = new NimRequest(hubaddress + "/dap","query_db_proc", pdsRequest);  pdsout = request.send();