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Discussion created by sfb on Jul 16, 2011
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    We've got a Nimsoft monitoring environment, and I know the basics of adding and configuring probes, and some things about the alarm data and general layout, but I wasn't invovled in the setup and don't know which NMS components on which of our servers do what, exactly.


Say I have some general scripting background, and am looking for an introduction to scripting / developing in and around NMS, what good overview / documentation / blogs should I read?


The sorts of things I'd like to learn about are:


 - Where does LUA fit into it? Which part(s) of NMS run LUA scripts and for what sort of tasks, and where could I start experimenting? Are there any examples to work from?

 - Where do the VB/Perl/C APIs fit in? Which part(s) of NMS handle them, and what sort of tasks are they used for?

 - If I wanted a windows batch file to run on a robot, do something, and report "into" the incomfing datastream, is there a probe for that, or are custom probes required?

 - Are custom probes possible? Common or rare? Easy or hard?


I'm sure it's all documented somewhere or other, but I'm a bit lost in amongst the Nimsoft website sections, many PDFs, help files, software pieces, and plenty of terminology. Any pointers?