Interface_Traffic - SQL Query for Last Month of Data

Discussion created by mfournier on Mar 22, 2011
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I'm currently trying to build out a SQL query to take all data points for interface_traffic QoS data and average them out into daily/monthly values.  The goal is to use this information to create a monthly report for a customer in a multi-tenent environment.  For example,


ACME Monthly Bandwidth Report

<fancy graph for all interfaces on firewall1>

<equally fancy chart to go with above graph>

<fancy graph for all interfaces on firewall2>

<equally fancy chart to go with above graph>


I realize this can be accomplished using the report_engine and/or UMP, Dustin referenced it in a similar request here:

The problem with using UMP or report_engine is they are each lacking in some way; either it does not provide all of the information we require in the same report or it's not as aesthetically pleasing.  Ultimately the goal is to use this data in an iReport, which is then uploaded to the repository in the UMP.


Has anyone put this in place (or something similar)?  I'm stumbling with the combination of multiple origins in conjunction with needing joins to link sources to table ids on the database end.