Decrease Alarm Severity when Accepted or Assigned

Discussion created by hnelson on Dec 11, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2010 by ntimm


          I would like to have the severity of an alarm decrease when it is accpeted or assigned, that way; when a single alarm is triggered for my dashboard and it is accepted or assigned the dashboard alarm icon would go to (for example) Major(orange) from Critical(Red) until a second (unassigned or un-accpeted alarm) happens and then,  the alarm icon would go back to Critical(red).  

     I've seen some posts about preprocessing changes and Lua scripts residing on the NAS but thought someone else must be doing something simillar.

     Is anyone? 

     A work around has been proffered that I could post a new alarm with a different severity but, even then I would need to key off of accepted or assigned (I think).

     Your opinions are greatly appreciated.