nimbus.request -> getrobots delivers rc=6 on tunneld hub

Discussion created by MattGruber on Nov 2, 2010
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I didnt found a list with the rc's of getrobots. Doing the following:



for k,v in pairs(allehubs['hublist']) do      if ( ~= nil) and (v.domain == myDomain) then           print("Hub:"..v.addr)           allerobotsdeshubs,rc = nimbus.request(v.addr,"getrobots")           print("RC: "..rc)      end --if end --for

 The Idea was to parse my domain-hubs, and  look in each found hub, which robots are attached.

well works for all except the one who is at the end of a tunnel, he delivers a rc=6

If I do that via mgr and ctrl-p I get the right answer.

Could it be, that if I try to access the tunneld hub I have to authenticate?

At the end this script will run out of my nas, and not the nsa for testing.

what will that rc=6 tell me :-)