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Discussion created by tcolich on Oct 12, 2010
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Hello All,

I am trying to use the NDG to automate the creation of some dashboards.  Unfortunately I cannot even get the example that comes with it to work (example-ndg).  Whenever I try to run the script, the dashboard.getQoStable() command returns nothing.  The URL in the dashboard.create() command is http://<server:smileytongue:ort>/DashboardAPI/services/DashboardAPI and the user account I specified is a Superuser in the Nimsoft environment.


Also worth noting (or maybe not) is that whenever I go to http://<server:smileytongue:ort>/DashboardAPI I get a 404 error.  Perhaps this is normal behavior for this particular web service, but it seemed odd to me.


Any suggestions, ideas, or other helpful information would be much appreciated.



Tony Colich