Script to Automatically Generate MD5 for Dirscan

Discussion created by rmaloleyii on Sep 27, 2010
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I'm attempting to script a solution for a monitoring problem that I've ran across. First, a little background. I'm using the dirscan probe integrity profile feature to monitor thousands of files across about 20 different servers. In my testing I've discovered that when a file is changed then the dirscan probe will continue sending alarms for the file until the MD5 is updated and the probe is restarted.


I am going to intercept the alarm using an auto-operator script and this is already complete and functioning. I currently have a script that grabs the alarm, logs it to a CSV file and then will close the alarm. Once again, the issue is that the alarm keeps being generated until you manually open the dirscan probe/integrity profile for that alarm and regenerate the MD5.


I believe that I need to use a mixture of PDS and NimBUS commands to accompish this. The main issue is that I'm not finding a lot of documentation on the various functions and how to piece it all together. I ask for assistance in accomplishing the following:


1. Determine the underlying operating system (Windows/Linux/AIX) so that I can format the target filename properly.

2. Send the necessary command to the dirscan probe on the remote host that will regenerate the MD5 hash for the specified filename.

3. Send the necessary command to the dirscan probe on the remote host that will restart the probe so that the new MD5 hash will take effect.


I'm not a programmer by background so this is all pretty new to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.