Debugging callback replies (nimSendReply)

Discussion created by 1_dbrown on Jul 15, 2010
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I am writing a probe with callbacks, and I can't seem to get any replies.  The callbacks show up in the probe utility and allow me to edit parameters where appropriate. However,the probe utility reports "commnication error" when I run the callbacks.  The problem seems to be in the nimSendReply, since I can run the same sub with a different output (like the log) and it works fine.


Any suggestions on debugging nimSendReply (or nimCallbackReply - not sure which is preferred)?  Debug level 5 isn't giving me any information on the "communication failure".


Attachment: So I have 1 sub (working) gathers data, puts it into a pds, then creates a hash from the pds, and writes the keys and values to the log.  The second (communication error) gathers the same data, builds the same pds, then tries to send it with nimSendReply.


Both my head and my wall would appreciate any help.  Thanks,