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dirscan - integrity-check - gen_md5

Question asked by MattGruber on Jul 14, 2010
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I try the following and perhaps assume a functionality of gen_md5 what it doesnt have.


I ran a integrity check on a file. If the integrity is broken, I start a AO-Script which read the file, and do something...anyway...after that do something, I start a:


local args = pds.create()
rc = nimbus.request(AlarmAddress.."/dirscan","gen_MD5",args)


in the same script


and expected that this updates the Profile-Parameter of the rule, it doesnt, the alarm that the file has changed still arrives, till I manually press "Recalc MD5" in the probe... not practical usefull.


Has anyone an idea, or a clue for that one ?





P.S. Not part of that question, but I also miss the Clear-Message if the MD5 is recalculated