Enterprise Console Dashboard Object to allow nexec execution on robots

Discussion created by swright on Jun 3, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2010 by keith_k

Curious if anyone else is doing this....

I'd like to create a dashboard that would allow a user to input or select options to pass into an nexec profile and run.  Or to run a prefigured nexec profile.  My first pass was using the configuration control objects to allow the user to update two parameters the nexec uses when running... The problem is how to trigger this profile.  A NimBUS request to the host running the nexec can only be run in intervals, not on demand.  The second option was running a command object to run pu.exe to call the nexec, but this requires a local copy of pu.exe on any pc accessing the dashboard.  The final option would be to create a asp on the hub to call pu.exe...I'm doing this to allow users to add notes to alarms, assign alarms, etc from a dashboard. 


If this makes any sense, is there anyone doing this using dashboard objects?  There must be an easier way.