Development of dyn. dashboards with SDP/UMP - more information?

Discussion created by technik on Jun 8, 2010
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I'm trying to develop new dynamic dashboards in the SDP/UMP enviroment.

The topic grouping of robots/servers are clear.

During the development I had a lot of questions about using of variables, adressing of centralized probes a.s.o.

Is there any writen information which predefined variables exists within the dynamic dashboards?

In the standard dyn. dashboard I found variables like:

       $robotip, $robotname, $os_major, $os_minor, $os_description, $source .........

Are there any more 'hidden' variables?

What does this means: DD_Override?

What does this menas: <DataProbe robot="/SDP/van01/van/01" ?

Are there any other StoredProcedure for the dashboards as "spn_dp_TemplateTabelExpander"?

How to adress a probe at the nimbus server for a nimRequest? If I adress my custom probe on the nimsoft server I got errors. The dashboard_engine.log shows that the adress of my defined nimRequest was modified by ....(i don't know) - the robotname within the nimadress-string "/domain/hub/robotname/probe" was exchanged to the robotname of the dynamic robotname.


Where is the crack who can tell me (and all other participants) how to develope dynamic dashboards?


After many hours of development I believe that it is a great miracle if you get the expected result ;-)