perl DBI module makes Nimbus::PDS very unhappy

Discussion created by bodonnell on Mar 5, 2010
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Hi all

I'm trying to write a custom probe utilizing the Nimbus perl runtime libraries and the perl DBI module. As soon as I initilize the database handle certain PDS member functions (so far put, string, number, and asHash) start causing runtime errors. Anyone seen this before?

Here's some sample code that contains the issue. I've scrubbed out our SQL Server details.

use strict;
use 5.10.0;
use DBI;

# clearing any leftover windows system errors
# sometimes triggers error checking mechanism in autoloader if != 0
$! = 0;

use lib 'C:\Program Files\Nimsoft\perllib';
use lib 'D:\Program Files (x86)\NimBUS\perllib';
use Nimbus::API;
use Nimbus::smileyfrustrated:ession;
use Nimbus::CFG;
use Nimbus::smileytongue:DS;

my $DSN      = 'driver={SQL Server};Server=x;database=x;uid=x;pwd=x;';
my $timeout      = 60000;
my $domain      = "IntelliNet";

my $int_dbh = DBI->connect("dbi:smileysurprised:DBC:$DSN") or die "$DBI::errstr\n";

# contruct queries     
my $pds = Nimbus::smileytongue:DS->new();

exit 0;

It results in the following error.

D:\Program Files (x86)\NimBUS\probes\custom\custom_audit>perl
Your vendor has not defined Nimbus::API macro PDS_PCH at D:\Program Files (x86)\
NimBUS\perllib/Nimbus/ line 291

Commenting out either lines 20-21 or 24-26 (or obviously both) clears things up.

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