VB Probe fails to start

Discussion created by paul.martin on Dec 8, 2009
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Hi, we have just tried to create our first probe and have some vbscript that works when executed directly however when called as a probe fails to start. In controller.cfg it is controlled like so..

   description = Reports NIC speed and Duplex
   group = Network
   active = yes
   type = timed
   command = NicSpeed_probe.vbs
   config = NicSpeed.cfx
   logfile = nicspeed_probe.log
   workdir = probes/network/nic_speed
   magic_key = lWchC2bXtY5XsGlVhCysNCfWSkMSf8q9HT5JZ26UNAU=
   datafile = nicinfo.txt
   timespec = interval 10 min

The error message printed to nicspeed_probe.log is -

Dec  7 17:18:00:639  Controller: Probe 'nic_speed' FAILED to start (command = NicSpeed_probe.vbs) error = (193)

Can anybody help ? If I set the startup to be 'on-demand' the probe seems to start, green indicator but actually does not call the vbs script, System has full control on the directory....

Many thanks in advance, Paul.