LUA script/interface flap condition

Discussion created by mjanulis on Nov 20, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2009 by keith_k

I am trying to come up with the solution for suppressing all interface flap events within certain time frame (say 5 min in my example) under one Nimbus alarm as received via snmpd gateway.

Anyone could point me to direction how to achieve logic below (if at all possible)?

1. linkdown trap from source S, interface I is received
   * alarm is opened, timer started
2. while timer is below 5 min
   * suppress all linkup/linkdown traps from source S, interface I, leave alarm opened, restart timer
3. if 5 min. passed from last linkup/linkdown trap event
   * close alarm noting the last trap condition (if linkup – interface recovered; if linkdown – interface is still in down state but we closing alarm and will rely on other probes such as interface_traffic to catch the interface status condition)

Sorry if this is confusing, but any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.