Forcing alarm replication in nas

Discussion created by shakeel.sorathia on Nov 26, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2009 by shakeel.sorathia
So we have an issue where some of our downstream nas's are inconsistent with our upstream nas.  For example, the downstream nas may have an alarm that for some reason didn't replicate to the upstream nas, or it could be that we had an issue on the upstream nas that caused it to lose all of its nas data, and so the alarms that are in the downstream nas are no longer in the upstream nas (aggregated view).

We are still trying to figure out if the problem is actually in the nas replication, or in something we have done, but the end question remains, is there a way for me to force the nas to replicate an alarm to its replication partners?

For example, I've written some code in the nsa that can look at a downstream nas, and compare the alarms that are on it with the upstream nas.  What I would like to do is if I find an alarm that didn't replicate, I would like to tell it to force replicate the alarm.  I have noticed that if I setup a replication relationship from scratch (for example a bi-directional between the primary hub nas and another nas), then it seems to dump all of the alarms into the replication queue and force the newly created nas to have all the alarms.  I would like to do something similar, but with only specific alarms.  I was looking at the function calls for the nas, and found one promising one named "repl_queue_post, but have no clue if that actually does what I need, or if there is another way.

Any help would be appreciated as currently we are not able to get all the alarms pushed to our primary hub for an aggregated view.