nas auto operator for cdm disk thresholds

Discussion created by on Oct 22, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2009 by nrtimm

I am trying to set up an auto operator in the nas to send an email to our service centre when the cdm disk thresholds are breached.

At the moment we only use the 'High' setting and in the Auto Operator we are using On arrival and a message counter of 'Less than 2' so that the email is only sent on the first occurance of the message. It works OK.

This, however, is causing problems now we want to use the 'Low' and 'High' threshold, as it appears that when the messages threshold changes from low to high, NimBUS uses the same message ID, but changes the message text and severity for the 'High' threshold. It is, therefore, keeping the suppcount and not resetting it to 0. This means that because we are using 'Less than 2' for the message counter, the 'High' email is not sent.

I've tried using triggers and a script to reset the suppcount on the message when it changes to 'High' which works fine if there is only one disk reporting a high usage, but if there is more than one I can't distinguish between them to reset the correct counter.

Am I going about this completely the wrong way or does anyone know a way to achieve what I am after?