Populating Robot Groups in NimBUS Manager

Discussion created by curtis.paul on Aug 27, 2009
Latest reply on May 1, 2012 by Jarrod
I want to create and populate robot groups shown in the NimBUS Manager in bulk.  Using the GUI to add robots to Robot Groups is very tedious and prone to user error when handling thousands of robots.

The NimBUS Manager GUI stores profiles in the ..\Program Files\nimbus\hub\profiles directory on the Hub server.  The files in the profiles directory have the file extension of .pcf, there should at least be a `default.pcf` file for default NimBUS Manager GUI configuration information.

I did some research on what .pcf files could be, what format they are.  The only thing I came across that would make sense, assuming Nimsoft is using some kind of industry format, is that pcf is a "pipeline" file.

I also opened a case with Nimsoft asking for an answer on what the file format is for these profile .pcf files.

My idea right now is to develop a means to generate pcf files so that we can create these .pcf files outside of the NimBUS Manager GUI.

Anybody have any ideas or information they can share?

I would really like to have a converstation with NimBUS developers on this subject.  It has to do with the over all administerability of NimBUS.