Partial results from NSA snmp.walk() function

Discussion created by keith_k on Aug 11, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2009 by carstein.seeberg
I am working on a probe using the NSA, and the probe needs to get SNMP values from a device.  Many of these values are from a single SNMP table, so I am using the snmp.walk() function.  Here is what the NSA whitepaper says about it:
snmp.walk (SnmpHandle, RootPath, RestrictToPath)
    Performs a “snmpwalk” starting at the rootpath, limiting it to the restrictpath.
I am not 100% sure how to use RootPath and RestrictToPath together, but I found that I could use the same OID for both and get the results I wanted.  (Any hints about how I should be using those arguments would be appreciated.)  In my testing, here is the call I am currently making:
result = snmp.walk(snmph, ".", ".")
I noticed that I received exactly 300 results, which is the same thing that happens by default when using the SNMP Browser in the snmpget probe GUI.  Because there are 16 unique indexes in the SNMP table, it did not seem likely there are 300 values.  With the snmpget probe GUI, was able to retrieve 448 values from that OID when I enabled the Full Browse option.

How can I get all of the values I need from the snmp.walk() function?