.NET SDK Availability

Discussion created by matt.ritter on Jul 8, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2010 by dustin.lawler
Hello all.  We have been using a Nimbus .NET API to develop custom probes, but unfortunately I'm not sure where this SDK came from, how we got it, or how I would go about checking for a newer version (We have had a copy of the applicable DLLs, PDBs, and a CHM help file on
our network, being used by various developers over the past couple
years - just don't know its origins - maybe we obtained a beta that never made it any further... not sure)

I'm having an issue subscribing to a subject on a hub (large volumes of messages are obtained extremely slowly by the custom probe), and was hoping that a newer version of this SDK may have fixed this issue.

Any insight into this would be appreciated. Thank you!