Create QoS Profile through COM

Discussion created by josh.geisser on Apr 28, 2009
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Hi There

in order to monitor our batchjobs i try to call nimbus methods from
python through the Common Object Model of microsoft which the exposes
the API as 'Nimbus API 1.0 Type Library'

This works so fine far for raising alarms, but i'm struggeling a bit with the QoS:

1. In the samples of the CodeWizard nimbus always make sure the
definition is only sent once. since the probe is called later on again,
the definition is sent again (e.g. after restart of robot). is that
check only that you don't do too much overhead when sending multiple
values in one run?

2. through COM, do i need to save the
definition? i can create the definition, but saving values fails with
'QoS property is not set':

nimObjQoS = win32com.client.Dispatch("Nimbus.NimQoS")
nimObjQoS.SendDefinition("JSH_TEST", "JSH_APPLICATION", "This is a Josh test","Millisec", "ms",0, 0)
nimObjQoS.SendValue('olla',123)  # fails with 'QoS property is not set'

can you give me some advice how submit QoS Values?