Perl probe crashing when using creating PDS object in hubpost()

Discussion created by keith_k on Apr 29, 2009
Latest reply on May 15, 2009 by keith_k
I am having some trouble with a custom Perl probe that subscribes to a hub queue.  I think I have the issue narrowed down to the use of Nimbus::smileytongue:DS->new() to create a PDS object out of a PDS sent into the subroutine by the SDK as an argument.  Here is what my code is doing:
sub hubpost {
    my $hMsg  = shift;    # Message handle
    my $udata = shift;    # User data/message
    my $full  = shift;    # Full message (with header)

    # Acknowledge receipt of message immediately
    # If message crashes this probe, we do not want to get it again

    # Load data from the PDS into hash
    my $pds = Nimbus::smileytongue:DS->new($udata)->asHash();
I also tested by removing the asHash() call but leaving in the call to Nimbus::smileytongue:DS->new($udata), and the problem persists.  If I remove the new() call altogether, the probe seems to run fine.

Any ideas?  Could the destruction of the object be interfering with the hubpost() subroutine?  I do not refer to the $udata variable anywhere else, so I am not sure why that would be the case.