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deploy probe written in C with VS2008

Question asked by mboehm on Jan 16, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2009 by sseeberg
Hi all,
I finished my new probe and are now having issues packaging it all up. I did a release build of my probe, created a new probe entry in NimManager, added the .exe, one of the .ddl's, and the .cfg file and I distributed the new probe to my laptop.

When I navigated to probes/application/memoria/ and attempted to run memoria.exe, it said 'Cannot find MSVCR90.DLL' I've been told on some forums that this DLL is required by any app that is created by VS2008.

So how does one create the final product to be released as a probe within NimBus that doesn't require that DLL?

I've tried all sorts of combinations in VS2008 for doing static linking, etc, but nothing works.

I'm looking right now at the url_response probe package contents and all that is there is a .exe and a .cfx. If that probe was created in VS2008, how is it able to run without the .DLL mentioned above?

Are others using different IDE's?