Impersonating an alarm from the sending probe using raw-alarms

Discussion created by carstein.seeberg on Feb 14, 2009
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Now and then the question comes up if it is possible to associate an existing alarm generated by a probe or the infrastructure components.  This post shows how this is done by the use of generating a "raw" alarm message onto the bus.   The NAS will use elements like the domain, robotname, source and
suppression key to tie messages.  The nimbus.alarm sent from the NAS has a different "footprint" than the ones generated by the probes.  The following code contains one function to generate a unique key (the nimid) and the actual 'rawalarm' function. 

Please use this knowledge with care :-)


-- Generates a nimid
function unique_id()
   key = ""
key = mid(base,math.random(1,26),1) .. mid(base,math.random(1,26),1) ..
sprintf("%07d", math.random(1,100000000)) .. "-" ..
   return key

-- rawalarm (source,severity,subsystem,message ]]]])
-- returns 0 - ok, rest error
function rawalarm (source,severity,subsystem,message,suppkey,domain,origin,robot,probe)
   -- expect following parameters
   if type(severity) ~= "number" then return 1 end
   if type(message) ~= "string" then return 1 end
   if type(subsystem) ~= "string" then return 1 end
   if type(source) ~= "string" then return 1 end

   -- set default values for optional parameters.
   if type(domain) ~= "string" then domain="lua-domain" end
   if type(origin) ~= "string" then origin="lua-origin" end
   if type(robot) ~= "string" then robot="lua-robot" end
   if type(probe) ~= "string" then probe="lua-probe" end
   if type(suppkey) ~= "string" then suppkey="lua-suppkey" end
   msg = pds.create ()
   nimid = unique_id()
   -- Create message header
   pds.putString (msg,"nimid",nimid)
   pds.putInt    (msg,"nimts", )
   pds.putString (msg,"subject","alarm")
   pds.putInt    (msg,"pri",1)
   pds.putString (msg,"source",source)
   pds.putString (msg,"origin",origin)
   pds.putString (msg,"domain",domain)
   pds.putString (msg,"robot",robot)
   pds.putString (msg,"prid",probe)
   pds.putString (msg,"suppression","y+000000000#" .. suppkey)
   pds.putString (msg,"supp_key",suppkey)
   -- Add raw alarm data
   udata = pds.create()
   pds.putInt    (udata,"level",severity)
   pds.putString (udata,"subsys",subsystem)
   pds.putString (udata,"message",message)
   pds.putPDS (msg,"udata",udata)
   -- Post the message to the hub-spooler
   t,rc = nimbus.request ("spooler","hubpost",msg)

   pds.delete (udata)
   pds.delete (msg)
   return rc,nimid

-- initialize the random generator

rc,id = rawalarm ("",3,"1.2.3","This is a simple test...")
printf ("rawalarm: %s, %d",id,rc)

rc,id = rawalarm ("",NIML_CRITICAL,"1.2.3","This is an advanced test...","mykey","mydomain","myorigin","myrobot","myprobe")
printf ("rawalarm: %s, %d",id,rc)