Creating QoS object in Perl SDK

Discussion created by keith_k on Oct 23, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2008 by keith_k
I created a Perl probe using the SDK that did this when it first started up:
my $qos = nimQoSCreate($qos_name, $qos_source, $interval);
I also added this to what the script would do right before it exited, just to be safe:
It could not save any QoS data immediately because it needs to compare how values change over time.  Every five minutes, it would do this:
nimQoSSendValueStdev($qos, $target, $value, 0);
This would crash the probe the very first time it called the nimQoSSendValueStdev() function (after the first 5-minute wait).

When I put the nimQoSCreate() immediately before the nimQoSSendValueStdev() (and then use nimQoSFree() right after), everything works fine.

Does anyone have any idea why that would be the case?  I do not understand why it crashes the probe if I create the QoS object at the beginning and then try to use it later.