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Ideas for a NAS report (what's monitored report)

Question asked by justin.hannan on Oct 23, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2008 by justin.hannan
Within the nas script examples there is a script which displays some information about probe configs (example-get-probe-config).

We have a need to to able to generate a list of what is monitored on a particular robot and I see this as an ideal way get this done. Particularly to display;

I've managed to display CPU threshold information, but I'm particularlty interested in displaying what disks are monitored with their appropriate thresholds and am having a bit of trouble iterating through the table as there could be different numbers of monitored disks per server.

Also a tip on how to run this on a number of servers rather than just one would be handy.

Has anyone expanded on this example and got any hints?