SDKs: Queues in Nimbus

Discussion created by caug on Oct 24, 2008
Latest reply on May 4, 2011 by mikaelahlberg

I've been playing a little bit with my (very) short example code to listen to the Queues on a Robot. I'm subscribing with the following code to multiple queues:

        sub.subscribeForSubject("alarm_assign", this, "recvMsgAlarmAssign");
        sub.subscribeForSubject("alarm_close", this, "recvMsgAlarmClose");
        sub.subscribeForSubject("alarm_new", this, "recvMsgAlarmNew");
        sub.subscribeForSubject("alarm_update", this, "recvMsgAlarmUpdate");
        sub.subscribeForSubject("alarm_stats", this, "recvMsgAlarmStats");

Interestingly only the alarm_stats gets triggered and various PDS end up there. For example when a alarm is beeing assigned to a user then this event will end up there as well, which I find a bit strange.

Is there a simple explanation for that ? Is it because i'm using the same subscriber, so do I need to create an instance of the NimbusSubscriber for each Queue ?

Thanks for beeing so responsive !