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Discussion created by bierdz on Dec 18, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2007 by sseeberg
We have dozens of servers in the environment and several alerts for each server for different departments.  Each time a department bounces a server for maintenance, they keep forgetting to supress the alerts thinking that it only affects their area when in fact, the NOC team gets alerts as well.  So people are reacting when they don't need to.

I'd love a report that I can generate that will list each server and all the alerts that get sent out for each server.  We could provide this to department managers so they know when they bounce a server, who it will affect and how.

Messing with the nas.cfg file, it's a mess and there's no way to sort out the alerts per server.  Is there any way to get this info out of Nimbus without having to do it manually for each server and then maintaine a seperate listing?

Thanks in advance!

- Phil