Assign-Alarms using pu

Discussion created by swright on Nov 28, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2007 by keith_k
I've been trying to work with the pu and perl scripting to perform advanced pu functions.  One of the tasks I'm trying to accomplish is to create a process to allow the operators to assign alarms to Remedy ticket numbers as demonstrated by one of the N-Fluence speakers ( Keith - Berbee ).  Currently, my script prompts the operator for the nimid and then the corresponding Remdy ticket number.  The script then runs the assign_alarms from the nas pu to assign the Remedy ticket to the alarm.  This method requires the operator to correctly insert the long and often cryptic nimid into the script.  Is there an easier way to accomplish this?  What would be a better method to 'hook' into the alarm the operator wants to assign a ticket to?  I was hoping there was a way to 'highlight' right-click the alarm using a custom menu function or configure the 'actions' option to run the script.