Topology view on CAUIM doesn't come up

Discussion created by Jenson-Teo on Jan 30, 2015

Hi All,


         I have discovered a physical switch and 2 ESX Servers, I have downloaded the "relationship_services" probe and all the required porbes for topology view are avialable and are active.


       I have enable SNMP and used to "SNMPGet Probe" to test and it and it works fine. But on the UMP I cant see the SNMP data on the reports and I only see the VMWare Metrics. Is it becasue the servers are ESX so only VMWare probe works on it?


      My main aim is to view the Topology View and I cannot see the Relation View option for me under the Actions Dropdown even though the probe is active.My switch is connect to my ESX Servers via LAN.


      On CA UIM, is the topology view is purely SNMP Based? is this the reason why the topology view is not showing up for me between my Switch and ESX Servers? I have tried by the URL mentioned in the Guide and it doesn't work.




      If I have net_connect probe enabled can I build the topology view with the help of ICMP Ping? 


Thanks in advance.