LDAP and UMP 7.5

Discussion created by KarlaMT on Feb 7, 2015
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I need the step-by-step instructions for getting LDAP to work with UMP 7.5

Established LDAP (with Active Directory) on every HUB in our environment.

Can log into Infrastructure Manager with an Active Directory user (supuser rights).

CANNOT log into UMP with the same Active Directory user (superuser rights).

Get "Authentication failed" on screen but WASP log shows the following:


Feb 06 09:19:33:042 DEBUG [pool-1-thread-1, com.nimsoft.nimbus.probe.service.wasp.udm.StatusCheckThread] 29 seconds since last update from dashboard engine.
Feb 06 09:19:34:034 DEBUG [http-80-2, com.nimsoft.nimbus.probe.service.wasp.auth.LoginModule] User 00038553 trying to log in.
Feb 06 09:19:34:645 DEBUG [http-80-2, com.nimsoft.nimbus.probe.service.wasp.auth.LoginManager] ACL Superuser-NWE type 2
Feb 06 09:19:34:896 DEBUG [http-80-2, com.nimsoft.nimbus.probe.service.wasp.auth.LoginManager] Account contact with ACL Superuser-NWE logging in...
Feb 06 09:19:34:906 DEBUG [http-80-2, com.nimsoft.nimbus.probe.service.wasp.auth.LoginManager] ACL Superuser-NWE roles [Probe Configuration, Dashboard Upload, Alarm Management, Edit Maintenance Mode Devices, Reassign, Report Scheduler, Change Password, Dashboard Download, Web Service, Dashboard Publish, Extended Security, Distribution, Dynamic Views Dashboards, Management Tools, Custom Reports, Modify Profiles, Service Desk, Program Options, Accept, NetFlow Configuration, Edit Maintenance Mode Schedules, Execution Level 3, Execution Level 2, Alarm History, Execution Level 1, SLM Admin, Assign, Discovery Management, Alarm Summary, Automation - Create and Modify Workflows, USM Basic, Custom Dashboards, Basic Management, USM Edit Monitoring Templates, USM Automatic Robot Installation, License Management, Dynamic Views Reports, Dynamic Views States, SLO Access, SLM View, Manage Profiles, USM Self Service Monitoring, User Customization, Discovery Pie, QoS Access, Archive Management, Web Publish, Account Administ
ation, Alarm Details, Discovery, NetFlow, Manage ACL, Acknowledge, Dashboard Designer, List Viewer, User Administration, Maintenance Mode, Report Designer, Unified Reports, Invisible Alarms, Default Customization, USM Modify Individual Monitors for Computer Systems, Automation - View Items, User Monitoring, List Designer, Unassign, Automation - Manage Workflows, Automation - Change configuration items, Cloud UE Monitor, Restrict View To User Assets, Dynamic Views, Dashboard Design, USM Group Modification, Portal Administration]
Feb 06 09:19:34:906 DEBUG [http-80-2, com.nimsoft.nimbus.probe.service.wasp.auth.LoginModule] NWE/00038553@nwe.northwesternenergy.com logged in.



Need to know what step was missed.

Better yet, step by step instructions for establishing LDAP for IM and UMP would be great!

Thank you.