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PPM Probe

Discussion created by Daniel Blanco Champion on Jan 21, 2015
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Hello, since there is very little documentation on this probe I'm under the impression that this probe does the following:


Probe Provisioning Manager (PPM) is something that doesn’t have an interface nor is it configurable except for the log level or log size, memory used by it. PPM is a ‘wrapper’, a mid-way communication gateway that encapsulates the Admin Console request and passes these requests to the probe. It’s a middle man between the AC and the probe. Think of it as an interpreter.


  • Admin Console < PPM > Probe

UIM is pushing the move towards Admin Console instead of IM, the PPM probe has to be deployed to the client hubs in order to configure the robots via the AC.  Requests from the AC go thru the PPM probe then pass those requests to the probe and the same thing in reverse.


Just want to ask if this is the impresson that everyone else got about this probe?