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Netflow Analysis Top Interfaces/conversation inquiry

Question asked by Jaymie on Jan 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2015 by Jaymie

Given that we have 100 devices i.e. routers with multiple interfaces pointing to a single Flow Analysis Collector; are we able to see and display top conversation for interface which is not included on the top 25 interfaces? (On our current application, we usually can provide the top conversation for an interface on a particular device, which will be soon decommissioned if we would be able to verify that NFA will be able to provide the same information)


I couldn’t really verify at the moment since there are only 2 devices pointing to the Flow Analysis Collector, as you can see on the screenshots the attached screenshot (NFA Top Interfaces.png), we only have 4 interfaces showing so we are not sure if the interfaces will show if it exceeds 25.    


1.  If the interfaces exceeds 25 , for example 100 interfaces, will it still be shown/displayed on the Flow portlet ?


We usually need the top conversation on interface information (please see NFA Interface Top conversation.png).



2. If the interfaces will be displayed, are we able to still check the top conversation ?  If not, is there a way we can tweak some settings on NFA  to be able to display the interfaces ?